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    I have been carrying around my Treo 750 in my pocket all the time so far. But it has got couple of scratches and I am looking for a solution to keep it safe plus good looks... A friend of mine recommended me a leather case for those formal or casual times while wearing belt and a transparent skin cover for times when wearing jeans or shorts without belt... I just wanted to ask you guys what kind of case or skin do you use that could be worn with and/or without belt.. and what brands are good....

    Plus I am thinking abt adding that invisible skin by Bodyguardz or something like that, which sticks to treo body like screen protector, as an extra protection while using case or another skin on top... Is it advisable???
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    I uset he case listed in my Sig. It adds bulk but this phone would never fit in my pocket anyway. The key thing that it gives that many case don't is screen protection. The case of the phone itself is fairly scratch resistant already anyway.
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