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    I have seen someone on another forum mention that WM6 does not solve the sound issue fix corrected recently by Palm with a cab file install.

    I haven't been able to test appropriately, but can anyone shed some more light on this?

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    I just don't get it - I've had ZERO loss of audio since I installed WM6. This was my biggest complaint about the phone so I think I am being pretty picky about the issue. Perhaps the other user has a lot more apps running that require access to the speaker than I do?
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    I dont see and of the old audio problems since I put on WM6.
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    I's true. I'm currently running AT&T WM6 and when change my phone ringtone to other diferent of ATT Tone, noticed that everything was muted.

    Set registry hack but couldn't get vibration again. Triying to get more info for fix this.

    I'm within 30 days eval. so maybe return to store. This is a buggy device.

    UPDATE 17-08-2007

    I could fix it. Was a registry hack that I applied to enable WM6 Default Default dialer. Had to set back registry string \\HKLM\Security\Phone\Skin\Enabled to 1 and the sounds and vibration came back. Now I can change ringtones back and foward, looks is working properly.

    Hopefully this feedback help others
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