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    Hello, all.

    After years of being a Palm loyalist, we finally jumped ship and I got a 750 for my wife.

    My question is simple:

    In order to active synch with our computer, it says I need to have outlook. It says on the website that if one does not have outlook already installed, you need to install it. It also says if you dont have a copy, the included CD will have outlook 2002 on it and that you should install this.

    My CD does not have outlook 2002, rather has a trial version of outlook 2007 which I will then have to buy afterwards.

    Does anyone know what I talking about? Where I can get a copy of outlook 2002, if thats what I need?

    I do have outlook express installed. Will this work? Is it the same thing??

    Please advise. Thanks.
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    Usually the CDs have Outlook XP (2002) included. What does the box, manual and pre-sales blurb say? I would convince your retailer to pay for any require licence as this change to 2007 trial is a new one.
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    If you only got a trial of 2007, there must be some mistake. Definitely take RichChestmat's advice and go back to your retailer. Outlook 2002 with full license should have been in the box.
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