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    Let's hope it's a worldwide release!
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    Let's hope it's a worldwide release!
    I have a gut feeling it's going to be the same version as most of us just loaded. Anyway, it's good to see.
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    I'm afraid you're right, JGold. In the other thread you made mention of the fact that the XDA leak is likely the newest code. I hope you're wrong - but would put money on you being right.
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    I will be happy if id the same ROM on various languages and with a good installer, wich does installations right
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    I have to agree with JGold, Palm has been all over ebay making sure they pull any treo 750 with wm6 ads. I bet Palm was trying to boost their sales in light of the iphone release. Maybe this back door release will prompt Palm to move on the official release.

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