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    Waited to post this until I had a few days of operation.

    I installed the update on Sunday - it's been all good read other post to see how good.

    Specific to the Mini SD. I've used a 2 gb San Disk with TomTom 6 on it with zero problems but I had very little room for anything else.

    I tried any number of ways and a several different 4 gb minisds prior to WM6 install - but none worked.

    Pullled out a Transcend 4 gb card I'd tried unsuccessfully and the newly loaded WM6 Treo recognized it.

    Four days later and I've had zero problems. I think maybe the 4 gb minisd problem has been fixed.

    PS: Formatted the minisd as FAT32.

    Yeah baby it works!!!
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    I haven't lost my 4GB mini SD once in the last three days. With WM5 I'd always lose it - usually when I'd fire up TomTom on the road, at the most untimely moment, and I see a message from TomTom "No Maps Found". That has not happened once since I've loaded WM6.
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    Does WM6 work with SDHC cards?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gadgetluva View Post
    Does WM6 work with SDHC cards?
    Yes, I am using a 4 GIG SDHC mini-SD. it never worked in my TREO with WM5, once I upgraded to WM6 the TREO sees the 4 GIG card and I have had ZERO issues.
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    Here is a 4gb miniSD card that works with 2003/WM5/older OS & devices
    From the site........
    "these cards are NON-HC (High-Capacity) and will work with most of the devices that the 4GB miniSDHC do not work with"

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