So far my Q is bulletproof.

My Treo would be fully charged at 7AM, and the battery would be toast by 6PM.

I did buy the jumbo battery for my Q, but again, at 7AM, it is fully charged, and when I go to bed at 11PM or midnight I still have half a charge left.

Bluetooth is rock solid...I found a $35.00 app that lets me see spreadsheets (for my work schedule) so I am happy.

It hasn't crashed at all and the internet, e-mail, and wireless use as a modem have all been just fine - and much faster than the Treo was.

I really do hope that Palm is able to make a decent Treo in the future. First and foremost, it needs to be fast and stable, and secondly, they MUST fix the Bluetooth.

My favorite thing with the Motorola is tapping my headset, then giving it voice commands and it dials for me - all while my phone is in my pocket.

There is NO REASON why the Treo shouldn't do this.

To answer those above, The only third party app I had on the beast was CoPilot Navigator 6.0, which worked OK (When the damn Treo would recognice the Bluetooth GPS receiver - this took multiple soft restarts usually). I had no hacks.

I do miss the stylus and touchscreen on the Treo.