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    Hey guys.
    Im new to the whole smartphone/palm world. Ive had my Treo 6750wx for abot 3 weeks and have been enjoying except for this one problem. For some reason I cant seem to get my Gmail account linked to my Treo.Is any one else having this problem?
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    You bet - works fine with no issues.

    Do a forum search (in the 700wx section) for GMail and you'll see many threads on it.

    Good luck.
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    It works fine from the browser - I assume you're talking about using messaging though, so search the forum...
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    forget the browser - you can set up direct access to your Gmail right from the Pocket Outlook app. You do have to enable POP access to your Gmail account first, by accessing your GMail account on their web interface (like from your PC, like usual).

    You then go into Messaging on the WX
    New Account
    Roll from there.

    The full instructions have been posted many times on these forums. Search 'em out!

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