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    I am looking to use a mini wifi card for my palm treo 750. The spectec website shows that a wifi WLAN B/G card is available (product SDW-823). I have found one website that has this card and its $150.00. The WLAN b only card is about $25-30. Do you think there will be enough difference in speed to pay the extra for the b/g card? My main reason for using wifi is to use a program in my office to send electronic prescriptions to the pharmacies and I don't want to waste a lot of time with slow connections but would like to know if the wlan b is adequate. Thanks.
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    On SDW-822 (b) I have speeds about 600 kbps (connected do 1Mbps adsl router).
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    I highly doubt you will see that much of a speed increase. Plus if you are connecting to resources through the internet your bottleneck will be the speed of the internet connection.

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