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    I installed WM6 a few days ago and have had no issues.

    This morning, though, the screen has started to act up. It comes up automatically for no apparent reason. There's no incoming messages, the network band doesn't show a different connection type, or anything.

    I've checked the screen settings i can find, and have set all the notifications not to show on screen.

    I haven't installed any other programs on it, aside from setting up Exchange and a few IMAP email accounts. However, nothing has changed from the initial set up a few days ago and it hasn't been doing this.

    Tried doign a soft reset but no luck.

    Not sure what the battery implication will be, as it just started this morning, but I imagine it won't be good!

    Anyone seen this or have any idea what might be causing it? It happens pretty much constantly. The screen comes on, goes black after the 60 second timeout, then comes back on a few seconds later.

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    What's your backlight setting? More than 4 ticks?
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    Treo 750 hacks thread.
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    It was actually right on 4 ticks. I added one more tick, and it hasn't happened since (3 mins and counting). And come to think of it, last night, i accidently activated this setting when tryign to type a capital "P" and lowered it from the original setting (which was very bright).

    So is that a known issue, that at 4 ticks it causes the screen to come on?? How weird.

    Thanks for the reply, though. The screen coming on all day long has been driving me nuts!!
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    It has been noted in the last few days that if the setting is too dim/low, for what ever reason, the phone will keep waking itself up.

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