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    ive already went through two phones... just bougth a new screen also, does anyone have a phone that was working but just needs a new screen that they dont need... its the treo 700wx. thanks

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    Two questions - is replacing a screen something I could do myself ?
    Is there a difference between the 700w and 700wx in terms of screen size?

    My 700w screen, which was fine for 18 months, suddenly has serious scratches all over it. If your screen is not an option, how do you go about getting a new screen?

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    well looks like im buying a new treo. i have a new screen that i bought, if your interested i might as well sell it.

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    700w and wx are the same but different than a 700p (320x320 resolution)

    Here's a link to Shadowmite's site with pics on the disassembly of the 700. He is working on swapping the p screen into a w fwiw

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