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    I havent had my 700wx for a year now. Last week the speakers stopped working. I'd answer a call no sound, tried media player, no sound. The only way it'll work is if I have my ear buds in.

    It'll make the sounds when I put in a SD card or when I go to 'sound & notifications" menu and play each sound. But still no calls or music. When someone calls the ringer does work.

    I havent touched anything in the settings and I've tried changing everything.

    It hasnt been dropped hard and hasnt been in water.

    Any ideas?
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    Don't have an answer, but it certainly sounds like a software issue not hardware if it stil works some of the time. That is good news, which means, even if it requires a hard reset, you should be able to get it working. Maybe others have more specific things to try.
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    the ear bud jacks are known to fail and cause this. when you pull out the jack, it should turn the speakers back doesn't.
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    And Paul G just stated the answer. Plug your headphones in and give them a little wiggle while the media player is working until you get sound.
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    so weird, just had this happen to me yesterday for the first time, I thought for sure my treo was busted... but I Was using headphones, which I guess explains it.

    Thanks a bunch!
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    Got it to work. Its under warranty so I'm gonna try to get a new one. This is the newest problem. It also keeps displaying messages for me to view pics or media player files ever so often when I hit the power button. Its annoying.

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