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    I've been using Skype on my 700w. Its an excellent way to call internationally and to make calls when you are pushing the limit of your minute allowance. However, the only way I have been able to use it is via speakerphone or with a wired headset. Does anyone have any information regarding the use of skype via bluetooth headset? I have seen a few posts indicating that the Motorola S9 is usable this way. Any other headsets or solutions out there?
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    You might been able to use a BT Stereo headset like the Jabra BT8010 for the audio but you still need the 700wx mic.
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    I only got to use Skype with my Motorola S9 BT headset. I was able to converse using the headset. With my Jabra Bt500, I still had to use the speakerphone and mic to converse with Skype.

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