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    This may be a redundant question but I just want to make sure I get it right. I'm going from an old Treo 750 to a new one I just got from AT&T. How do I get all my stuff from my old one to the new one. I think I've backed up my stuff with Activesync correctly. Just wondering if that's all I have to do.

    I did a warranty exchange with my 750 because the mic kept going out. I was wishing they would have the new AT&T branding on it like when I switched my wife's 680. But nope. I was also wishing for WM6.

    Any word when Palm will be officially releasing WM6? Except for the one that's out now. Will it be any different?

    Thanks in advance to all your help!!
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    Here's a guide from Palm about moving from Windows Mobile device to the Treo,Case=Obj(305)

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