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    I was looking over here:

    I see that 4smartphone is now migrating everyone to Exchange 2007. I was curious, do you have to run Outlook 2007 with Exchange 2007, or can you use Outlook 2003 with Exchange 2007 (knowing MS, I would doubt it).

    The pricing jumped from 8 dollars per month to 16 dollars per month.

    I hate to say it but the most expensive host on the planet (but most reliable from my experience) only charges 15 bucks a month.

    Any comments?

    I guess this is a good thing, but I really dislike Outlook 2007 due to the massive slowdowns, I am sure that can be addressed in a service pack down the line though.

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    Anyone migrate over?
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    i'm starting the migration today- i'll let you guys know how it goes


    so the process was pretty painless... you just backup your old mailbox, set up the new one with a link they send you... my only problem is that i dont have as much control over my mailbox as i was hoping for and that emails are still going to my old mailbox even though they claim that with the MX records, everything should be fine...

    they do suggest setting up a forwarding rule on the old mailbox to send mail to the new one in the limbo time between migration...
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    Glad to hear it was painless. I am just wondering if 4Smartphone is worth 14 dollars per month to me. Well, it would be 28 bucks a month since I pay for my wifes account as well.

    I admit the service is pretty reliable & while I dont use the MX settings (I use the forwarding). I am not 100% sure which route to take.

    I am curious, what email controls are you lacking? What were you hoping to control that you cant?
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    For me, it is worth it. i don't have a traditional home ISP, so i need a completely detached email system. i have a personal gmail account forwarding into my 4smartphone email, which has a professional address with my own domain name on it.

    I haven't confirmed this yet, but it appears as if there are 2 control panels with the new setup- an end user interface and an administration interface. so far i've got the end user interface working and that just has the basic "how do you want your name to appear", links to download outlook and to the OWA site, instructions on how to set up a mobile device, etc...

    What i'm lacking is the new address for the MX records, the ability to control domain aliases and dummy accounts, creation of the Global Address List, and the ablility to change my billing info as well as changing the plan i'm on.

    In the migration it forced me to pick the plan that the system thought was most suited to me, it chose a mobile plus plan which is fine for now, but i'm considering the Team plan so that i could have my own hosted sharepoint as well as stick another user onto my account... there is no way for me to "upgrade" my account so far.

    i'm waiting for 4smartphone to get back to me as to why i can't get into the admin section of the site- but i'm not worried. i am still getting mail at the old server and i am able to switch between the old and new settings with different profiles on my computer.
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    I'm looking into alternatives. A 2x price increase is ridiculous. They told me in an email that I would be forced to pay and move to the 2007 servers by the end of Oct... .my contract is not up until March 08.

    They said they would offer a refund at that time. I'm looking at and have any experience with them.

    Also you can follow along others comments and complaints at HoFo forums...
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    It's actually faster than 4smartphone and you can pay quarterly instead of a whole year.

    It has all of 4smartphones features plus a couple of extras (I believe).

    It doesn't have Exchange 2007 yet but from what I can see that doesn't seem to be a big deal. Am I missing something? What does Exchange 2007 really add?

    Anyway I had 4smartphone for a year and switched to when it was time to renew. I love it so far.
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    Thanks for the info BigTreo.

    For Exchange 2007, as far as I can tell the only real benefits are for the hosting companies themselves, and for users of WM6. So you can have html mail and be able to search server.

    but I'm running WM5, so it's not going to do anything for me.
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    Oh yeah. is a lot cheaper now also. It's only $6.99/month if you pay quarterly (I Believe).
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    I thought there was a big problem with along with Mail2web earlier this year. Are they stable? I am a little concerned with switching providers but 2x the price is crazy. I am also up & running on 4smartphone with an account that expires in March (getting me $7.00 x 5 back (while it will cost me $14x5 to get up & running with them again).

    To bad they partnered with Palm, that probably gave them all the incentive they need to keep raising prices.
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    BigTreo - do you use 1and1 for your regular Outlook at home?
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    Just trying to verify something. Do I need to update to Outlook 2007 to migrate to Exchange 2007? Or can I stay with Outlook 2003 on my PC?

    4smartphone has been great for me, so the price thing doesn't bother me that much. Just want to make sure the Exchange upgrade doesn't open a can of worms....
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    NO you don't need to update your Outlook on your PC. But you will get a new Outlook 2007 download and license, either when you migrate or whenever your contract is up and you renew.

    Many people on the net have poo poo Outlook 2007, I like the whole Office 2007 suite better than 2003. But that's JMO.
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    I like Outlook 2007 but it is much much slower than Outlook 2003 (in my case).

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