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    I got Treo 750 with screen protector on it. But recently I noticed some white spots on the protector. I cant wipe them off. and they are visible only when screen is dark like when Treo is suspended... Any ideas what they can be??

    Also, my skin is pretty oily and the phone screen becomes pretty greasy and dust sticks onto it. It looks pretty messy. Someone suggested me anti-static wipes... Do they work??

    How do you take care of your screen???
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    I use eyeglass cleaner and a kleenex.
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    I've said it before and I'll say it again........ a little spit and the corner of your shirt will sparkle it up just right
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    Are the "spots" tiny little dots or what? They might be dead pixels.
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    For the past 4 years I have used a product called "Brillianize". It is a spray and cleans plastics, glass and other shiny surfaces (like the case and keys)

    It cleans very well and leaves a clear glaze on the screen to provide anti-static and resists smudges etc.

    Sometimes hard to find but worth it IMHO.

    Caution: if you use it on the Treo case... it will be a little slippery until you get used to it!

    (I assume no responsibility/liability for dropped / broken screen Treos!)
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