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    I just unlocked the Extended_ROM to see whats in there and found a Folder named "Partition" with two files within: CapPackage and CarrierDB.

    Does anyone know what these Files do? Could renaming/deleting those Files and making a Hardreset result in a WM6 without the AT&T crap?

    I'm now fearless enough trying it myself

    Palm Treo 750 (unlocked)
    ROM: TREO750-1.16-H3G
    Windows Mobile Version 6
    CE OS 5.2.1239 WWE (Build 17746.0.2.4)
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    Do not touch these! I learned it the hard way by replacing them with smaller size file hoping to reducing Ram usage. The "today" becomes mess up and the auto key to call stopped working. Wasted 2 hours to hardreset the whole thing as the CapPackage does not allow me to copy orginal back...

    Wonder if anybody comes up with better ways to improve the Ram...

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