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    I'm a relatively early adopter of the 700w, getting mine the end of Jan 06. With the exception of a speaker problem, I've found the hardware to be more reliable than the Treo 600. However, it seems that WinMobile 5 is very much like the older MS OS's - after a period of time (6-7 months in my case) the system get's so cranky (half the time the phone would report no service when service was available), so poor in performance, and needs far too frequent soft resets that the only recourse is to hard reset the phone and reinstall all of the applications and settings again. (Even a restoration of a previous backup stops helping once I'm beyond that 6-7 month magic window.)

    I've just completed by 3rd total reinstall in the last 18 months - and the phone is running great with all of the applications - connecting faster / more reliably to Windows Mobile Device on Vista, able to undock without needing a soft reset, loading applications without issues or long waits, more reliable BT connections, better web browsing, etc. I'm wondering if anyone else is seeing or has seen similar needs / behaviors?
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    I find this to be a necessary evil of Windows Mobile use, even with the most diligent cleaning regimens and registry maintenance. I just did one last week, and things are tip top. For now...
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    I'm an avid experimenter of software/reg hacks/etc. I've had it 3 months now and I've hard-reset my 700wx about 7-10 times already. I'm wicked fast now at setting it back up.

    It's like I'm a chef and I'm just trying to find the perfect balance of ingredients!
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    It all depends.

    If you use something like say MemMaid to keep your IE cache and cookies clean and you keep your software, then it really should be stable...

    The double edge sword with WM is this: sooo many WM apps are available

    So lots of us end up installing/uninstalling lots of programs over 1-6 months and that can have an effect on long-term stability, especially if you they are "invasive" programs that take over core aspects of the OS (phonealarm, flexmail, WA2, etc.).

    But if you do a basic setup with your apps and make a "standard" back up, you can always jump back to it. I always maintain what I call a "perfect" backup, which has my core programs installed. I hop back to that if I ever experience a significant performance drop due to some poor 3rd party app.

    The less you mess, the more stable though, as a general rule, imo.

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    I do the same thing as Mal, with a core backup file that is pristine, and then another with some more stuff installed. I rebuild from there and play until things don't work right anymore.
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    I typically hard reset after 4 months. I agree too that the evils all replicate themselves if you do a restore. You have to start fresh.
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    I just did a hard reset and thw phone is so much better its almost unbelievable.
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    I had to do a hard reset after about 3 months since my 700wx started to freeze up after undocking, after hard resetting [and installing most of my comm programs.....and the things to run them] it works fine, though it still freezes up on PDAnet, haven't tried tethering yet
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    After my hard reset, I reinstalled all of favorites;

    SPB Shell
    SPD Diary
    SPB Pocket Plus
    SPB Weather
    Resco Explorer and Saduko
    Tom Tom 6
    Mem Aid

    did a full back up so now I have a perfect starting point for next time. Phone is operating perfectly.
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    I probably do hard resets and fresh installs 3 or 4 times a year.
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