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    I've read through as many posts on the connection problem that I can find. Perhaps someone can point me in the right direction on this issue.

    1. Soft Reset the device (just to makes sure I'm starting from a "known" state)
    2. Launch Messaging/Inbox to check mail.
    3. Select Tools>Send/Receive
    **Status bar says "Connecting...", a 1X connection is obtained, and my mail is downloaded
    4. Immediately when it completes re-fire the Send/Receive
    **Again briefly says "Connecting...", (the 1X arrows are 'white' not shaded), and my mail is downloaded.
    5. Wait 7-10 seconds for the white 1X arrows to go to the shaded arrows (as I understand this is the passive connection state)
    6. Try to do a Send/Receive again.
    **Status bar says "Connecting...", the 1X arrows NEVER go to white and after about 1 min, the status bar goes to "Finished", but no mail was retrieved or refreshed.

    This same type of thing occurs in IE. As long as I can browse to what I want next without allowing the 1X arrows to go to the shaded (passive state) mode--everything is fine. However, once they go to the shaded mode it has a terrible time getting back to the connection.

    Any thoughts/suggestions/hacks to keep the 1x connection at least active a little bit longer to make the browser on the device useful?

    Thanks in advance
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    I spoke with technical support last evening and they suggested a full hard reset. I informed them that I had just done a full hard reset after upgrading to the 1.22 update.

    The support rep told me that was pretty much my only option--try the hard reset. If it doesn't work, then she suggested I call back and they would discuss "other options" with me.

    Any thoughts on this? I think I'd be content simply extending the period of time between getting the active connection and when it decides to go to the passive-connected state.

    Any thoughts/recommendations/suggestions?
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    I couldn't stand the intermittent I hard reset my device again.

    I attempted the same steps as above in my pop3 accounts and also in PIE. Same results--as expected none of the 3rd party applications were causing the problem.

    Called and spoke with verizon technical support again. Referenced my call from last evening. The support tech walked me through changing the user name (Verizon) and password (vzw) of the broadband access connection.

    This did NOT improve the connectivity. I still see that if I attempt to use the data connection after it has gone from solid white 1X arrows to the grayed out 1X arrows it fails to connect (or to know that it is connected). If, however, I disconnect from the connection and try it again it will work--though it has to go through the whole connection process again...which is unacceptable.

    Surfing the net is now an exercise in total frustration as I have to view whatever I'm looking for quickly enough to click the "next" link I want BEFORE going from solid white 1X arrows to grayed out 1X arrows. Same for pop3 mail accounts. As long as I send/Receive each one right after the other I can get by--but replying to a message (for example) and then send/receive after the connection has gone to the grayed out state fails every time.

    The support rep said there was nothing else that could be done except to "trade out the device" for a charge of $50. This is unacceptable. Why should I have to pay $50 to swap out the device when it was functioning perfectly prior to the 1.22 upgrade??!!?? I asked that question and the support rep told me that of all of the Treos sold very few were having a problem like this--so swapping it out would "probably" fix my problem.

    I'm looking for alternative solutions now--like a registry setting to keep the connection in the "active" state for longer than the 5-7 seconds it does now.

    Any thoughts/suggestions/recommendations?

    Thanks again.
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    Same problem here, except it happens with the EV icon.

    I just agreed to the $50, as it is killing me to have to keep hitting send/receive. I'm tired of the phone telling me to check my mail server settings. And I like to take my time to read web pages.

    The 3rd person I talked to at VZ told me 95% of the Treo700 problems they are getting are post Palm update.

    One funny note is the data support guy told me to reinstall the upgrade. Nice. Except the upgrade software doesn't let you do that. *****.

    Do they test this stuff?

    I think Palm has some explaining to do.

    Lastly, is this a regional (tower) thing? I'm in Rhode Island.
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    Glad (though sorry) to hear someone else is experiencing the same problems.

    I'm located in MN. So, I think it is doubtful that it is a regional issue.

    I don't know what I am going to do. Using the phone to send/receive mail or browse the web is now almost more frustrating that it is worth.

    Any thoughts on how we should proceed from here?

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