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    Starting yesterday, my treo 700wx goes crazy on startup after soft reset by repeatedly doing the trill sound up and down repeatedly 6 to 10 times and also at random times after that. I cannot find what is causing it. No new software installed.

    I checked alarms. No event makes that sound in the notifications page.

    Anyone else here heard of this before?

    Any advice on how to figure out what is causing the problem on startup. Any program that creates a log file of the start up process. I suppose a hard reset is in order, but I really hate setting everything up again, finding software codes etc.
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    When you soft reset are you accidently pushing the volume keys on the side of the device?

    That's the sound that you're hearing.

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    I am definitely not touching those. I just did it again, being very careful that nothing is being pushed. It just trills up and down for a minute. No error messages.
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    everytime i soft reset, my green light flashes, and i keep getting a beep/short vibrate (my green light continues to flash until I tap everything on my screen). It stops randomly i guess after getting a call. i have no new messages or anything. this started about a month ago after i used the alarm function for the first time. It is very annoying and getting old quick. So any help would be appreciated!
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    Come to think of it, this also started after I used the WM alarm function for the first time. I have confirmed alarm settings are off now, but it still keeps doing it.
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    Budhatouch your message gave me the source, the alarms. Low and behold the trilling sound was exactly the sound Alarm4 makes. Now that I knew the source, I could make better use of the search function and quickly found this wise advice from Pattycerts (thanks).

    Usually it is due to a duplicate notification issue. Download this free program and delete them:
    I downloaded and installed the cab right on my 700wx. I then ran it and cleared the notifications and hit clean. Voila - now fixed.
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    yeah i dont know what I did. Its really annoying and I dont know why its just us. Obviously other people must be having the same problems. just saw your reply, will try it now
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    well I used pm clean, did a soft reset, and its the same result. Flashing green light, vibrations and all. I dont know whats up. I even used pmclean again after the soft reset and its still giving me the flashing light and the vibrations.
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    Sorry to hear that, my is now working normally again. Hope you find a solution.

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