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    First, i have lurked on here for a while and love the forum.

    Now onto a little(big) issue I am having. Wel a friend of mine was playing with my 750 and took out the sd card. Well it came out of its little case and then he tried to put it back in without it and it is so small it fell right into the phone. The phone works, but wondering if anyone has any luck in retreiving such an item or instructions on how to *gasp* open the phone.

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    So it is a micro sd in a mini adapter and you friend put the micro in the 750 with out the mini adapter?

    I wouldnt take it apart. You should take it to a service center and have them take it apart. I have opened a treo before but just a crack to put a custom antenna on. I think I used a size 6 torx wrench.

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