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    This works excellent on my treo 700 wx. Now I can watch youtube videos. Thanks.
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    for some rason it's saying my java script is turned offor an old version of adobe's flash player. What should I do?
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    Quote Originally Posted by benjt View Post
    for some rason it's saying my java script is turned offor an old version of adobe's flash player. What should I do?

    Did you install the Flash bundle???
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    no matter what I try none of that works for me...I installed the flash bundle did everything and when I go to youtube too watch windows mediaplayer pops up and that's action alltell ppc 6800
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    works perfect on my PDA using WM5. GREAT JOB and THANKS a LOT !!!! Quick question, how can I open other video files from yahoo or other sites?
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    For some reason I cannot get the latest version to play the latest stand alone FLV files.

    I can play older FLV files, but the stuff YouTube is putting up now, that I have downloaded, won't play at all.
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    works perfectly on my htc mogul! thank you so much!
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    Is there a handset restriction for these files? 'Coz I've installed both these files on my HTC p3400 running Windows Mobile 5.0. The browser automatically redirects me to when I access youtube, and when I click on a video, the browser asks me whether I want to run a system command on the specified object. If I answer Yes, WMP opens, and tries to run the video, and then exits with an error.

    I guess that's not supposed to happen, right? The video is supposed to play on tcpmp, but why is it trying to run on WMP? How do I correct this?

    Also, I'm not able to play any MPG, MPEG files on the PDA. Do I need some additional codec for that?
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    A great little app you have here, I have tried it on my spve650 and it works a treat once its overclocked.

    I was just wondering if it would be possible to modify it to work for other media types?
    I have a basic http server set up at home to watch videos on other pc's in the house with mp3's divx's ogg's, avi's etc.. on.
    when I add the URL of a file to tcmp manually it plays the files fine over wifi. The server also automatically creates a html page that lets you browse the files and folders in the servers directory.
    I tried adding my server to the sites.html file but when the phone goes there it displays the files ok but just gives you the usual pie option to download only, your plugin doesn't activate to give the option to play.
    Is there any way that I can make your program open the files on my server in the same way as it opens the youtube files?
    or do i need to mess with the mime types?

    many thanks
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    Just recently, I started getting the error message "youtube swf args not found"

    I haven't changed anything and it was working fine up until a few days ago. Anyone know why this is happening to me???

    Soo annoying..
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    Hello, I am having problems getting this to work on my HTC Touch phone from Sprint. I have downloaded both files in the tutorial and then did the soft reset. When i go to Start/Programs there is no Video Sites program listed like the tutorial indicates. I did go to in my explorer browser on the phone and when clicking on any video i get a "Video Not Available (May have been removed)" error. This happens on each and every video i try to open. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong? I do see the TCPMP program listed in my program menu. I have tried uninstalling and installing multiple times, done soft resets, and hard resets. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again!
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    that less and less websites are working? I wonder whats happening that lots of websites stop working...
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    Simply brilliant.
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    does anyone know how to add video sites or what is the requirements to add a site?
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    I installed the app but cant listen to the video. Does this happen to anyone else? What should I do? Im a newbie so it just might be that Im doing something wrong.
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    Thank you for your work on this!

    Could you please provide a version separate from the TCPMP FLV plugin? (Just the Pocket IE plugin by itself)
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    Has anyone else noticed's download video feature no longer works? Streaming is still fine it appears.
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    Finally! I FINALLY got this to work! Thanks!
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    Thanks for the awesome info. Even for a guy that just bought the treo 700wx in may of 08!
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    I love the program it works great but I've noticed that crunchyroll isn't working anymore. Is there a fix or and update that I missed. I would love it if there was. Thanks

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