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    hey guys, just wanted to say thank you to the creator of this tcpmp bundle thingy.....

    I wanted full utube and google video and that's wot I got.
    thank you very much

    I noticed that veoh and crunchy isn't working tho...anyone have any idEa
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    thank you soooooooooooooooooo much

    love this!
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    man i tried like 5 differant thing to watch streaming video. after a couple diff ones using tcmp, trying vtap, and something else with a v name this is the only one that works good. thanks for doing all of us a favor. on a side note... does anyone know anything about that smarttoolkit by e-natives. i wanted to try it but it wont let me download off there page. they have a link for a mirror page that you are supposed to go to if u have trouble on there page but it wont let me there either. it said my device does not support the file type or something like that. i have a samsung blackjack 2 with wm6 on it.
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    Is the Mogul a smartphone or ppc?

    should i have FlashVideoBundle.CAB or flvplugin0.4.2_src installed? after

    (if flvplugin0.4.2 how do u exctute it?) plz help..
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    when i try to download a vid from youtube it gives me error 403 forbidden. the other sites wont let me either. anybody have any ideas? oh and i got the smarttoolkit, its sweet.
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    wokrked like a charm was PPC btw, awsome man thanks!!! ppl like u should go somewhere in life

    Any one find a way to get imeem working
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    This fix works flawlessly on my Verizon Wireless HTC XV6700. Thanx a bunch!
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    Thanks ZBOP ur awesome man! lol so what else can we do with the 700wx, lol i always hated it cause i didnt think i could do much with it... thank goodness we got ya smart peoples lol
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    Once again, ZBOP Thanks for this app its awsome! If you happen to check the forum can u let us know if this will work with the new wm6.1 when it gets released? If you happen to know the answer to that, can u fill us in? THANKS AGAIN ZBOP!
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    got it working on my sammy i760!

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Has anyone noticed that you can't play all the files you used to before adding this? I had a series of short videos on my phone of various types and they could be viewed fine before. I installed this package and its like a large number of player types are no longer working. Is this the full package with the videos added or a sub set? Or a different version all together? When I try viewing the clips in question now the player says "Unsupported type" or some other such error and stops. Played fine before uninstalling and installing this version...
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    well, this seems to work with some of the sites on the "video sites" list...

    but what about just pulling up random sites and streaming video from them?? is there a way for that to work...

    this is a great tool though.. thanks!!!
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    Thanks zbop- easy install and works great on Alltel ppc6800 evdo
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    This is awesome! Nicely done and thank you.
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    For some reason the app will work after a soft boot most of the time but if I have been using my i760 and try to load the app, it will load but when I click on the links for you tube videos I do not get the play video pop up menu, I get the larger download image menu.

    One thought is that it might have something to do with me running wmwifirouter from time to time. That is the only other app I have added to my unit.

    Love it when it is working!

    Thanks for the help.

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    Hi, There's no problem watching videos on Youtube, but I cant watch any on Metacafe or Can anyone advise?
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    i've also noticed if i'm runnin PIE then close... then go to start/video sites/choose a site/pick vid... it just takes me to a blank page... as if i was on a pc and it was going to play the vid.. instead of opening tcpmp and playing vid.. if i go to settings/memory/programs in use and stop PIE then go back to the vid sites.. it will play the vids just fine...

    any reason behind this? or is there a way that when you close a program it completely stops it as opposed to still "running in the background" (for lack of better terminology..)
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    just got my new toy 700wx. I was wondering if I can use this program to listen to imeem
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