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    Works great on the Samsung I760, thank you so much
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    Like my title says, I've tried to stream audio from and and they work fantastic for what seems to be consistently 1 minute and 30 seconds every time I've tried, even with different bit-rates.

    With Youtube video, I've gotten no better than 3 minutes, but usually less than that. What is causing these problems? I love having internet radio to play in my Motorla S9 stereo BT headphones...I love it when it works, but 1.5 minutes is a letdown.

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    I've tried all the steps and youtube still doesn't work. Youtube is causing me so much headache. My problem is that i can't even get past the YT homepage. It crashes everytime i load it. i've tried using opera browser with FlashPlayer 7, i've tried internet explorer, nothing works. i have a kaiser/MDA vario 3/TyTn 2

    I've found a very good alternative though. Most of you guys probably know about it.

    An amazing site, works great, and good quality video's and sound. check it out
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    the newest flash bundle does not work with the BlackJack II, what gives?? I can only get the older flashvideobundleunsigned to work with my Blackjack but i still get the YouTube swf args not found
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    thanks for the update it works great
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    I quit:-(thanks a lot for your valuable help guys .I downloaded and installed the latest versions of TCPMP and flash video bundle, and still no Youtube but this damn swf youtube arg crappy sign...I have an apache utstarcom pocket pC on WM 5, but I'd better start saving up for an iphone..:-(
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    It works but strangely.

    The Skweezer link works well if i do not login, but if I login and try to play the files it doesnt work i get to an error page that says the URI prefix is not recognized.
    On the other hand if i just do a search and play from the search results it plays fine.
    Weird but ill take it.
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    im havg trouble downloadind this to my ppc is there instrustions on how to get this in my ppc
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    Perfect instructions!! I've been trying other peoples instructions for a week, and none of them worked. Thanks.
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    Thanks for the update!
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    I cannot get tcpmp working in the tilt... I have used the designated file(s) after uninstalling and restarting, then installing the two specific files on page 1 of this thread. I looked for the stage "5) Go to Start Menu->Programs->Video Sites and start streaming!" listed on page 1 and have never seen that in THE program list. Did I miss something? Is that really supposed to create a new list in my programs list other than TCPMP icon?

    I open IE in the tilt and navigate to; one of many things happens at this point: A- I get REAL PLAYER error "failed to connect" But mostly B- REAL PLAYER "media file type not supported". I have set file associations for tcpmp to recognize everything but *.wav yet WM continues to open any internet based video. I tried to find inside tcpmp a way to open a URL but it does not have any thing that will do so.
    Please advise. Thx much
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    Dear zpop,
    Thank you for your flashvideobundle updates. one matter I wants To tell To you and other ppc users. Yesterday I installed in my ppc opera mobile 8.65 fullversion and adobe flashplayer 7 and unmarked opera is a default browser.Then I goes To in landscape mode & selected video. It was playing video(we can use zoom option for webplayer fit To our scree) directly like a pc . Then played video I found Start windows profiles Temp internet files. only youtube supports flashplayer 7.Now opera mobile 8.65 fullversion supports flashplayer 7. pl kindly add support for

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    Quote Originally Posted by zbop View Post
    For all you Tube-aholics, this is it! You now have direct, unfettered access to Youtube, Google Video & Veoh, in all their glory. Install the CABs listed below, go directly to these websites, and click on a video to play. That's it

    Latest News:
    Version 1.4.4 posted (1/22/08)
    - fixed youtube, stage6, crunchyroll
    - added fix so that defaults to "full" version
    - added,,
    - removed kewego, guba, tv-links, videovat

    Installation instructions:
    1) If you already have TCPMP installed, uninstall it now.
    2) Install this version of TCPMP, linked below:
    PPC version
    Smartphone version
    3) Install FlashVideoBundle.CAB attached below. This MUST be installed in the same location as TCPMP (Device or Storage Card)
    4) Soft-reset
    5) Go to Start Menu->Programs->Video Sites and start streaming!

    Supported sites:
    (see "Video Sites" start page for complete list)

    WM5 or WM6
    Pocket IE
    Fast, stable network connection

    The VideoLoader plugin is not compatible with PPC 2003SE or below, and it is not compatible with Opera, NetFront, Picsel, etc. However, it is compatible with PiePlus and MultiIE.

    t2k269 and fmarozz at for the initial FLV plugin work and streaming modifications.
    And of course, the developers who originally created TCPMP.

    Feel free to redistribute FlashVideoBundle, but please link back to this thread so that others can report problems or make requests. Also note that some of the components in this CAB are covered by GPL and should be distributed appropriately:
    GPL License

    In keeping with the GPL, the source code is available HERE and below.
    EDIT: once I figure out how to get past the size restrictions.

    For more information, also check the README-fvb.txt file once installed.

    Please see the following post if you are have questions or issues, FAQ here


    Version 1.4.4 attached below:
    how do i get it to my phone?
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    I tried to download the Flash Video Bundle from the thread to desktop and then to pda and it will not install on the pda. it states an error

    Installation was unsuccessful. The program or setting cannot be installed because it is not digitally signed with a trusted certificate.


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    man I hate to do this, as it will invoke the ire of some on this thread, but I can't just stand by watch people struggle with video on their devices. For those who for whatever reason are unable to get zbop's excellent solution to work for you - try this. Just go to this url on your device browser - & download their free video search & playback app. I use it for all my video needs & it just works. Nothing to hassle with - it just works. For me.

    Others have tried & didn't dig it, but if you can't get the scene working with Flash Video bundle blah blah, give vTap a try. you might like it.

    As always - love what you do, zbop - I'm just tossing this out there for those who are having trouble with your gig.
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    Can both TCPMP & CorePlayer both be installed & not conflict with each other while not disabling FlashVideoBundle ?
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    CorePlayer is just the upgraded commercial version of TCPMP. Why would you want both loaded??
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    A newer version of flash is out...i can no longer watch videos on youtube....does anyone have an updated flash video bundle cab???
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    I just tested it on my i760 using the setup I installed using this thread and it worked fine.
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    I belive Helio is the only network carrier that has YouTubeMobile that has already been deployed. There is a demo on it at regarding the platform. I think that is the only provider with real YouTube access and not the mobile site.

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