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    Quote Originally Posted by myteematt View Post
    Zbop, are you releasing the new version with connection fixes? I can verify it works with WIFI, but when i switch to EVDO it stalls for 20-30 seconds then I regain control. I am pumped up that this fix is being worked on and I cannot wait to get my hands on it when you release it. This plugin/app combo is a serious breakthrough for alot of Pocket PC users and I greatly appreciate what you have done.
    Yes. I was hoping to hear back from more of the group that I sent the test version out to, but so far a dozen people have gotten back to me and the general consensus seems to be that the stability is greatly improved. I've also added 4 new sites. Due to a misunderstanding, someone jumped the gun and released the test version anyways, so I think I need to post it this evening for sure. I'm just working on the writeup now. Will post soon...
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    In addition to the fixes you are working on do you think the PIE max connections registry hacks are helpful to increase connection speed?
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    Quote Originally Posted by myteematt View Post
    In addition to the fixes you are working on do you think the PIE max connections registry hacks are helpful to increase connection speed?
    Interesting question.

    Increasing max connections may help in loading of the video site pages, but it won't help with the streaming. For one, the http connections for streaming are set up by TCPMP, not PIE. Second, I haven't checked the source code but I don't think they set up parallel streams in TCPMP to maximize download rate.

    Although now that you mention it, that might be a worthwhile modification. Typically, parallel download strategies can be very effective on high-latency connections. Hmmm...
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    These are the two keys I am talking about:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main - "MaxConnectionsPerServer"=dword:10
    I personally set them to 10 but they can be higher or lower. I cannot test properly with EVDO yet until new fix but I get flawless video on a crappy dsl connection over wifi where I have tested bandwidth to be around 300kbps, so I know EVDO can provide that when I am in an area with a good signal.
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    FAQ - FlashVideoBundle v1.3

    1.0 General

    1.1 What is the FlashVideoBundle?
    The FlashVideoBundle is a software bundle for PPC/Smartphone that enables click-to-play video streaming of Flash sites, and some non-flash sites, using TCPMP as the media player. This bundle includes two TCPMP plugins (flvffmpeg.plg and flvsplitter.plg) and a Pocket IE plugin (VideoLoader.dll), and a few other files.

    1.2 Does this also work with smartphones?
    Yes. If you have a non-touchscreen device running WM standard, it should work.

    1.3 Will this work with PPC 2003?
    No. I may add support for this in the future, still need to investigate how much effort it is.

    1.4 My internet connection is through a proxy, will this work?
    No. Although my PIE plugin will support proxies, currently TCPMP will not stream through a proxy. TCPMP requires modifications to support this.

    1.5 What browsers does it work on?
    Pocket IE only. It is compatible with PiePlus and MultiIE.

    1.6 Will you add support for other browsers?
    Possibly, but I would need a strong motivation for doing so. It would take alot of work and alot of hacking to get this to work with any browser. Fortunately in the Pocket IE case, WM already provided some interfaces allowing me to hook into it.

    1.7 I have a custom ROM, will this work?
    If TCPMP is part of your custom ROM, it may not work by default. There are some folks who have made it work though, so it seems possible. Since I don't know the layout of your particular ROM, I can't answer for sure.

    1.8 I have TCPMP already installed, do I need to uninstall?
    Strictly speaking no. In general, I would recommend doing it that way since the installation of the TCPMP CAB and the FlashVideoBundle CAB creates a default set of TCPMP settings that seem to work well with YouTube.

    1.9 I want to use TCPMP 0.81RC1? Will it work?
    Yes, although my experience has been that TCPMP 0.72RC1 performs better, which is why I recommend that. YMMV.

    1.10 What about TCPMP version priors to 0.72RC1?
    I haven't tested that, but I've heard from others that it doesn't work.

    1.11 Is this compatible with the HTC streaming media player?
    Yes. The two are completely independent and there are no conflicts that I'm aware of.

    1.12 What is the difference between the HTC streaming media player and this one?
    The HTC streaming media player uses 3GP format for streaming media rather than Flash-encoded content and it uses a different protocol for delivery (rtsp vs http). If you use the HTC player, you need to use rather than

    In general, the videos available at are lower in video/audio quality and there is a much smaller subset of videos available.

    1.13 Is the mobile version of YouTube ( supported?
    No, see above.

    1.14 Will this play content from any Flash site?
    No. Specific support needs to be added for each site.

    1.15 What sites are supported?
    and more...

    Go to Start -> Programs -> Video Sites to see the complete list.

    1.16 Is this software GPL?
    Yes and no. Portions of the FlashVideoBundle are covered by GPL, other portions are essentially freeware but not GPL (see the installed README-fvb.txt if you need more info).

    1.17 Can I redistribute?
    Absolutely. However please view the installed README-fvb.txt file for specifics. Note, since portions of this CAB are covered by GPL, you should distribute in accordance with GPL licensing. See links below:
    GPL License

    1.18 Can more sites be added?
    Definitely. Although ultimately it may depend on the site and the type of content. Post your suggestions in this thread or PM me.

    1.19 I don't want to register here. Where else can I get this?
    Yeah I feel that way sometimes too. Registration only takes a minute and you can make sure you are getting the correct version. Days after I created the first version of this, I found this on a bunch of different sites with missing instructions, incorrect instructions, misleading information, modified CABs, yadda yadda. If you don't want to download it from here, I'm sure you can find it elsewhere though.

    1.20 Will this work with CorePlayer?
    No. If CorePlayer adds support to stream flash video content in the future, I can look into it.

    1.21 Does this need to be installed on the device or Storage Card?
    It will work with either.

    1.22 I got a $1200 phone bill for my data usage, what do I do?
    Cut down on your video streaming, go ride a bike, or get an unlimited data plan.

    1.23 Can I download videos using this software?
    When you click on a video and the popup menu appears, select the "Save video" option. Note that some sites will have this option greyed-out. This is because the site does not set the mime-type correctly for that video stream and pocket IE cannot deal with it.

    1.24 How do I leave comments on a YouTube video?
    When you click on a video and the popup menu appears, select the "Linked page" option to go to the Youtube player page and leave comments. If you have the popup menu disabled, you will need to enable it.

    1.25 Can I disable the popup menu and simply play the video automatically (like versions prior to 1.3)?
    Yes. Navigate to your TCPMP install folder and click on the MenuToggle.exe program. It's a toggle so if you want the enable the popup menu in the future, just run it again.

    1.26 Can I get rid of the links to adult sites on the Video Sites start page?
    Yes, do the following:
    1) Use File Explorer to navigate to your TCMP install directory
    2) Delete the folder "sites"
    3) Rename the folder "sites.clean" to "sites"

    1.27 I have an iPhone, will this work?

    2.0 Troubleshooting

    2.1 How do I install these files?
    If you need some help with the basics, you can try these links:

    How to remove your software: click here
    How to install software: click here
    How to soft reset: click here

    2.2 When I click on a video, instead of it playing, I get a message that says "Hello, you either have Javascript turned off or an old version of Macromedia's Flash Player." How come it isn't working?
    Double-check the following:
    a) Did you soft-reset after installing?
    b) Was the soft-reset done safely? (see comment below)
    c) Are you running Windows Mobile 5 or later?
    d) Is the site you are using in the supported list above?
    e) Are you using pocket IE as your browser?
    f) Are you going directly to the site? (opposed to a click-thru via google mobile search).

    If you answered yes to each of the above questions and you are still seeing this message, please PM me.

    Note, some have reported that they get this error but if they reinstall, it works. I don't have an explanation for that other than they may be doing an unsafe soft-reset and registry changes during the install are being lost. To make sure you safely soft-reset, use a software utility or you can use this method: click here

    2.3 When I click on a video nothing happens or I get an error that the video may have been removed.
    Occasionally, there are video links on these sites that have "player" pages, but the video is not available (i.e. removed because of copyrighted content or questionable content). In these cases, even though you click the video, there is nothing to play. Also on some sites, the video links are derived from RSS feeds which are not updated in real-time with the primary website content, in which case the video link may not yet be available. If all or the majority of videos you choose have these problems, chances are there is an error and you should PM me. If the occasional link does not work, what can I say, try viewing from your desktop machine or search for an alternate version of that video.

    Also, it appears that Google Video is now linking to content hosted off their site (i.e.,, etc). If the videos you try to play are located on another site, they will not play unless support for the other site has also been added.

    2.4 Youtube videos used to play just fine, but now I get a spinning pie cursor and then nothing happens.
    You may be running v1.1 of FlashVideoBundle. Between versions v1.1 and v1.2, Youtube changed the format of their content which broke the FlashVideoBundle. Try updating to v1.2 or newer.

    2.5 I am going to the full youtube site (, but it keeps redirecting me to the mobile youtube site (
    Youtube recently changed to redirect mobile client requests to the mobile site. You can use the full site, by going to:


    By switching to "Classic View" at the bottom of the mobile youtube home page.

    2.6 When I click on a divx video, I get an error that says "ASPCORE max 1008x1008".
    I *think* this is because the video is encoded in a higher resolution than TCPMP can support. If anyone knows different please let me know. Move on to a different video if that is the case.

    2.7 I'm getting an "rtsp error" message when I click on a video.
    Chances are that you're using the wrong site ( instead of They are NOT the same.

    2.8 I get an mms protocol error when clicking on a video.
    You are probably using a site such as or

    To use these sites, please make sure that you go into:
    TCPMP -> Options -> Settings -> File Associations and select "MMS protocol".
    If you still have problems, contact the site.

    2.9 When I click on a video it tries to load, the spinning pie cursor comes up and my pocket pc seems to hang.
    This may be due to some lingering connection-management issues. Although I have improved the general stability, I'm still lacking the magic code to make it work perfectly. If you encounter this issue, you can try the following:
    - wait 30 seconds and try the video again
    - try bringing up a task manager and terminating TCPMP if it's running
    - disconnect your data connection, and again try the video.
    - disconnect your data connection, do a refresh on the browser page, and then try the video.
    - soft-reset and start over

    I've found that if I don't have a strong reliable signal from my carrier (i.e. EVDO with multiple bars), using this software is problematic and subject to choke, hang, sputter, smoke and otherwise just tick me off. Keep in mind, it's a work in progress and you aren't paying a dime. I'll continue to try and fix these issues.

    2.10 When TCPMP starts up, my video is scrambled.
    Try changing your video driver. Go to TCPMP -> Options -> Video -> Video Driver and select DirectDraw. By default, my CAB will set up Raw Framebuffer which I've found to have the best performance but once again, YMMV.

    2.11 My video is slow & jerky.
    There can be multiple causes for this. A slow network connection, badly performing site, your CPU is underpowered, or the buffering settings aren't working for you. Also some sites like are really data intensive and you almost need a wifi connection to make it work properly. You can also try changing your buffering settings described in the "Tips" section below.

    2.12 When I exit TCPMP, my today screen is messed up.
    Reportedly, on Blackjacks there is an issue with the today screen and TCPMP. Sorry I don't have an answer for this.

    2.13 I tried to install one of the cabs, and it just returns immediately with "Installation was unsuccesful".
    Chances are that it is a corrupted cab. Try redownloading or downloading from another location.

    2.14 When I go to or PIE crashes.
    This happens with or without my plugin, so it appears this is a bug in PIE or the implementation of javascript. Use the default links (click on the video site image) on the "Video Sites" starting page and you should be okay. If that doesn't work, try using the skweezer or mobileleap links below the image. To access the video sites starting page, go to:
    Start -> Programs -> Video Sites

    2.15 When I go to, PIE hangs or my device hangs.
    Some users have reported that the "Macromedia Flash 7 Active-X" plugin causes this hang and is incompatible with the FlashVideoBundle. You can try removing Flash 7 to see if it fixes this.

    2.16 Is there a way to disable the pocket IE plugin?
    Yes, use File Explorer to navigate to your TCPMP install folder and click on the DisableVL.exe program, then make sure to exit PIE or soft-reset.

    2.17 When I go to Youtube or Google Video, I don't get all the video images on the pages.
    You may be impatient or your connection may be flaky. Even when PIE shows that the page is completely downloaded, it is still fetcing images in the background. Also PIE doesn't support javascript completely and it certainly doesn't support flash controls. You can try an alternate starting page on the same site if that is the case, or access the site through or, sometimes they do a better job at handling the content and the images.

    2.18 My audio/video is out-of-sync, how do I fix this?
    Some users have reported success by setting "Override AVI frame rate based on audio" under "Advanced Settings" in TCPMP. You can also try tweaking the "Manual A/V offset".

    2.19 When I click on a video, TCPMP starts and I get the message "Could not open URL."
    Your internet connection may be going through a proxy. If so, you will not be able to view videos until TCPMP is modified to support proxies.

    2.20 When I click on a video, I get the message "Unknown file format."
    This means that the TCPMP flash video plugins are not installed correctly. They are either in the wrong location or it was a bad install. Try reinstalling.

    Also check your free storage space. If you run out of space to save the .m3u playlist files, you will get this message every time. I will fix the code to check for this error in the next version.

    2.21 When I click on a video, the video loads but pocket IE closes. What's going on?
    You may be running low on program memory, especially if you are running on a Treo 700w.

    2.22 When I select videos from nothing happens...
    You need to be registered and logged in to view videos from crunchyroll.

    2.23 I downloaded a video, but cannot play it.
    Make sure you do the following when using the "Save video" option:
    1) Pick "Storage Card" for location
    2) Give it an appropriate filename. For YouTube the default filename is the "get_video" string which isn't very descriptive.
    3) Make sure you give it the appropriate file extension, usually ".flv"

    If TCPMP is associated with .flv files, you can simply click the file from File Explorer. Otherwise you can load up TCPMP, and the select File -> Open and pick the file to load.

    2.24 Why do I get a "Cannot be installed" error when I install the CAB file?
    You may be running a cooked ROM and the signed files are causing you grief. You can try the unsigned version in this post:

    2.25 So I read all of this and I'm still having problems, WTF?
    If you still aren't having any luck, use a file browser to navigate to your TCPMP folder, run the DiagVL.exe command (it's a toggle) and make sure the message says that "Diagnostic mode turned ON." Then click on the video, wait 60 seconds, and go back and turn Diagnostic mode to OFF. There should be a diagnostic log in the same folder named "diag.txt." If you can PM me the output, it may help me figure out what is going on. If you have concerns about privacy issues, it is a plain text file and you can view the contents of it before sending to me.

    3.0 Tips & Tuning

    3.1 Browsing Videos
    If you browser is choking on these video sites, you can try using a proxy-based site compressor to format and reduce the content, such as:

    Alternatively, you can use a streamlined, mobile-friendly video search site that is compatible with this software such as:

    Bear in mind though, that if your network or processor is having trouble with the content on the site, there's a fair chance that it will also have trouble streaming the content too.

    3.2 Software overclocking
    In most cases I don't believe this is necessary, but it depends on your device. If you've determined that your processor isn't keeping up, you can try using software such as Teksoft Speedbooster or XCPU-Scalar. YMMV.

    3.3 TCPMP settings
    The two settings that I've found make the biggest difference here are the Video Driver and the Buffering settings.

    I've found that for "Video Driver", Raw Framebuffer works best for me, but you should try the various options and see if anything works better.

    For buffering, I set the defaults to work well with YouTube based on some suggestions by fmarozz at sourceforge. If you set the "Normal buffer size" and "Preload at underrun" values fairly low, TCPMP appears to aggressively go after more data and the streaming seems a bit smoother. However, I've found that when using Stage6, you really need to jack up the buffer values otherwise it just constantly hiccups. Experiment and if you find values that work really well, post 'em in the thread.
    Last edited by zbop; 10/08/2007 at 11:49 AM. Reason: updated information
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    New version, v1.1 is available.

    - Added connection management for proxies and dropped connections
    - Signed the exe's, dlls and plugins to get rid of security warnings
    - Added GPL license and README to cover TCPMP plugins
    - Fixed a few parsing errors in flash links
    - Added support for,,,
    - Added a diagnostic mode to help debug problems
    - Fixed issues related to "hard freezing" (I hope)

    Have at it...
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    gotta say, I streamed a stage6.divx trailer.. it looked great on the Treo.

    Thanks zbop, great write-up too!
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    Quote Originally Posted by g-funkster View Post
    gotta say, I streamed a stage6.divx trailer.. it looked great on the Treo.

    Thanks zbop, great write-up too!
    Yeah I love that stuff, just wish I had built-in wifi.

    And gotta give the noobs a fighting chance before I start shooting, lol.
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    wow zbop, that writeup is AMAZING
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    Do we have to uninstall everything completely before trying to install this new 1.1 flash bundle?

    Also there are 2 files in attachments in the Original Post. What is the difference between them?
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    Juice925, You only have to install the first, and you don't have to uninstall anything, just MAKE SURE to soft reset, or it wont work right at first untill you do
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    Quote Originally Posted by Juice925 View Post
    Do we have to uninstall everything completely before trying to install this new 1.1 flash bundle?

    Also there are 2 files in attachments in the Original Post. What is the difference between them?
    The second file was supposed to be the source code for the TCPMP plugins, but I screwed that one up. You only need the first one.
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    FYI, attaching the source code did not work. It exceeds the size limit for zip files, trying to figure out what to do about that...
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    Outstanding work, plays like a champ! All we need now is support for more flash sites like YouTube's older adult brother lol. I dont wanna encourage any delinquent behavior here however so its up to you to add support, but thanks again for the outstanding work you have done.
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    Are you encouraging people to list more websites that support flash video, because I also recall to be a very good site as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by myteematt View Post
    Are you encouraging people to list more websites that support flash video, because I also recall to be a very good site as well.
    Sure. However, every site is additional work

    Also as a filter I'd like people to suggest sites that are:
    - high in the website rankings, check here
    - reliable, fast
    - don't require registration
    - offer something different

    Adding 20 different youtube clones doesn't really add any value. This is why I added the asian streaming sites, it's something different and I noticed the CAB popping up on a number of chinese forums, lol.

    Any site that tries to open up 20 different pop-ups if I go there, you can forget it
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    Seconding liveleak and a little Redtube/Pornotube/Youporn wouldn't hurt either for those lonely nights...that i am on my cellphone...outside...yeah...
    and live leak


    Dude if you could add NICOVIDEO you would be a god among men

    You would WIN so hard OH MY GOD. You have crunchy roll, that one chinese website, now complete the package with nicovideo DD
    Last edited by Juice925; 08/15/2007 at 01:16 AM.
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    If MySpace video is flash, support for that would be nice also
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    Maybe you could add a plugin structure in the future so other developers/users can implement other website support without bothering you, .
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    Quote Originally Posted by TalynOne View Post
    Maybe you could add a plugin structure in the future so other developers/users can implement other website support without bothering you, .
    Yeah, I have plans for that, but if you know what's involved, it isn't just a matter of adding URLs. I have to implement some kind of meta-language to drive the mechanics of interacting with these websites.

    I'd love to get it to the point where someone else does all the work, puts the intelligence in an XML file, and then makes it available.

    Then maybe we also have a shot at getting all the streaming radio stations that have recently switch over to Flash working.

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