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    I just got my Treo couple of days ago. I upgraded from Motorola Q.

    Is it supposed to dial #777 to access Power Vision??? My Q didn't have to do it and was connecting straight up with no time to wait. My friend has a 755p and it works without dialing and has muuuuuuch faster internet speed.

    Is it something wrong with my phone or I'm doing something wrong.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Yes it must dial that as all phones do it. However, your Q probably did it during startup and suppressed the popup. I believe there is a reg key somewhere to set it to "always connected" and to suppress that popup.
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    it's funny.. cause i disabled internet access on one of my lines, but when i switched that line to the 700wx the internet access just started connecting. I had to go to my account online to restict access again. I'll be switching the 700wx to my main line with data connection and moving my Q to my 2nd.

    it'll be intresting to see how the 700wx connects to the internet compared to the Q
    I had to ditch my 700wx for a Blackberry...
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    My 3rd Q just died (what a POS) and VZW replaced it with the 700wx 'cause that was the specified replacement unit on the matrix (whatever). Anyway, it's a relief to get a Winblowz(R) operating system that actually works. Yes, the phone will popup the "connecting *777" BS screen - just hit the center of the D pad or hack the registry as above. Speed is not even close - the Q just was pathetic, my new 700wx screams in comparision. It's been like going from my current '04 Accord to a 'Vette Sad thing is both were EV-DO but for whatever reason, the Treo actually is a pleasure to use. I had a T600 back on Sprint in '04 but I'm fairly pleased with my new replacement unit so far (see previous thread). The Treo's are still a brick but it's a much nicer and functional brick than 3 years ago. And I hate to admit it, but Winblowz(R) might have actually gotten a stable operating system tweaked out here that remembers it's first and foremost a PHONE, then a PDA

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