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    Can someone give me a copy of all the ORIGINAL files for WM5 (I have a 700wx specifically)? I made a backup but my computer just fried ...I'm having trouble with freeze ups (even after a hard reset) so I don't know what else it could be so I wanted to try using the old files again...please PM me...
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    what's the advantage of doing the registry hacks vs. just installing the .cab file. I just installed the .cab file and I get threadded sms.
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    hannip, if you still have a 700wx, can you tell me how I can prevent the text messages from appearing twice, one in the palm text and the other in the threaded app. I tried everything! the post in the link below is old and outdated when it comes to the beta 5. Is there anyway for me to get beta 4 and the old resco? maybe that might work?
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    I tried spb diary, hard reset, deleting poutlook from start up, EVERYTHING! nothing gets rid of the double messages....Am I missing something with the beta 5? it sounds like beta 4 was a better hack?

    Help! I really love this application!
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