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    OK i have a 750v from the UK and i use it with the Vodafone contract i got it with. I unlocked it so i can use it back home here in Cyprus when im here for the holidays etc but for some reason i cant get internet or MMS to work. I had found the settings off the Cytamobile-Vodafone (my phone provider, Cytamobile is owned by Vodafone now) website but they dont work.

    So i called them (a few times) and they said they cant help me and the only thing they can do is send me a document with the settings written so that i can put them myself... I tried to several times but still nothing! The weird thing is that if i keep my Vodafone UK internet settings it works but i'm not sure if im going to be paying loads extra or not with those settings. MMS dont work either way.


    This is the: "Basic settings for WAP over GPRS" that i was sent

    Account Name: cytagprs

    Profile Name: cytagprs

    Connect using
    or Bearer Type
    or Data bearer
    or Packet: GPRS

    or GPRS access point
    or Access Point Name: cytamobile

    User id
    or User name
    or Login name: user

    Password: pass

    IP address
    or Gateway
    or Primary Proxy Server
    or Proxy address:

    IP address Port: 9201

    Proxy Server Port: 8080


    And they also sent me these settings for MMS

    Profile name : Cytamms
    Data Bearer : GPRS
    Access Point name : cytamobile
    User name : user
    Password : pass
    Authentication : normal
    Gate Way IP address :
    Homepage :
    Connection security : off


    The voda UK settings for Internet (the ones in "My ISP") are:

    Access point name: internet
    username : web
    Password : web

    Oh also when i change the APN from "cytamobile" which i was given, to the Vodafone UK APN which is "internet" but i keep the Cyta-Voda username and password, internet still works. Im really confused.

    Can some knowledgeable expert help me figure this out? Thanks and sorry for the huge first post!
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    I don't have a 750, but while I was googling for similar info re my 680 I saw a couple of articles that should help you out. There have been many times when a simple google search was the most productive step I could possibly take. Probably not much help here, sorry.

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