Hi all friends,
I've got a new Treo750 (have had Visor Platinum, Palm M515, TungstenW, C, Treo 270, Treo 650) so I'm trying WM (used to, I develop apps for WM, and I got a Cassiopeia, Toshiba e740 and e750 even with 2 cases for diving). However, I'm not able to set up a DUN conn w/BT (on the contrary, 650 BT DUN works, not really fine, but in some way it works) ; BT on itself works, as I can ActiveSync via BT. Is there some1, pls, who can help me to make it so? I'm using XpPro SP2 w/Widcomm stack. Thanks in advance.

I've already submitted a question like this one, but now I'm no more able to find it!