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    I just re-inserted the calander shortcut to my start menu and when I click on it I get the following:

    "The file ':MSCALENDAR-vm' cannot be opened. either it is not signed with a strusted certificate, or one of its components cannot be found. You might need to reinstall or restore this file"

    I can still get to the calander by using the today screen and highlighting an appointment so it appears to still be working. Any idea's as to where this file might have gone and how I can get it back?
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    can you open the calendar by going explorer > windows > start menu > programs and clicking on the calendar icon?

    if you can, then you might we able to just copy-paste the icon and replace the one under explorer > windows > start menu (which is the one used for the start menu).
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    Its bizzare. In resco I see the shortcut link, but when I go into Menu's its no there. i used the windows file explorer, found the calander app and selected copy shortcut. So now, on my start dropdown menu, i have "shortcut to calander". when I tried to rename it, i couldnt. So it works, but its an eyesore.

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