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    Other than the obvious "sounds like it's broken" responses - anyone got any suggestions on this:

    My treo has gone nuts with vibration alerts / buzzing. I should point out that I have it permanently on vibrate mode.

    When I reset the device, it buzzes randomly about 30 times as if it has just discovered 30 interesting things it wants to alert me to. It then occasionally buzzes and I can't figure out why.

    I'm sure it is a software issue. Key software I have installed:
    * VZW A2DP hack
    * PocketRSS
    * Microsoft OneNote
    * USB Modem (now irrelevant since I got the VZW hack)
    * Live search
    * MBTA schedule app
    * TCPMP
    * Skype
    * Expired versions of Resco regedit and SPB backup

    Any suggestions?

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    My President mentioned the other day that his 700w is vibrating randomly and repeatedly for no apparent reason. The next time he's in the office and I can pry it out of his hands, I'll give it a cleaning as referenced in the above post.
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    In my experiance, a hard reset is the only thing that fixes it.

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