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    trying to figure out my best options to upgrade from my 650 to a new (or refurbished) 750....
    and it's not quite clear.
    I'm on a family plan (2 phone lines) with MediaMax 20USD data plan and i'm eligible for an upgrade.
    did anybody in the same situation successfully ordered the 750 from Amazon (currently 124.99) ? or AT&T (online pricing for 750 refurbished: 99.99 with 2 year service commitment).
    Any advice ? it is quite confusing.
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    i also had a 650, with a family plan, and with media max 200. i simply went into a store and bought the phone. now, i declined the mail-in rebate because it required a higher priced data plan and when the salesperson brought this up to me, i just told them i would get it online at home. best of luck to you.
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