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    Just a quick question to all;

    I never used any particular BU software. I have always just synced my Palm devices with my work & home computers. If I needed to do a hard reset or moved to a new phone I just re-synced.
    What are the advantages to using BU software over this method. I have read that Sprite came on my 750 CD. I never paid any attention to it though.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Your method loses all installed software and configuration changes. Backup software restores your device to exactly the state it was in before.

    Also, backup software such as Sprite can back up to a memory card which allows you to recover from a disaster anywhere, not relying on a resynch to your home PC.
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    If you have never installed your own software then you don't really need the back up software. It will restore all the stuff that you would lose that is not also stored in Microsoft Outlook on your PC. This includes settings, SMS and other software you have installed.
    Sprite Backup is pretty good so it's worth doing every now and then and it won't cost you anything. You can either backup to a memory card or to your PC. To restore you just run the EXE file that the software creates. This EXE includes all your backed up data.
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