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    It's available on Yahoo's site if anyone is interested....
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    Let us know if you manage to download a cab file.
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    Just posted the .cab file here...
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    I posted this in 700wx forum as well.... The link didn't work for me either so I tried the cab file. It worked... Thanks Merovingian.

    - There are settings for limiting night time connections.
    - Don't have to use the stylus at all. So far everything can be done using the softkeys and d-pad. Just remember to hit the center button for select. The OK button just closes/minimizes the app. The on-screen keyboard appears at times. (Ooh I just had an xv6700 flashback. Oh the pain.) Just type with your Treo keyboard and it disappears and your text appears.
    - Flickr integration is pretty sweet. It allows you to mark, name, describe, set privacy and upload up to 8 photos at a time.
    - Haven't gotten the push mail to work yet.
    - I'll try the gps option tomorrow.
    - Moving around the app seems VERY simple to me.
    - Task manager often does not show Yahoo Go as the running app. It shows the title of the screen you were on. So task manager may display Sports, Finance, Flickr and often just "Loading..."
    - OneSearch results are mobile optimized and reviewed in the app. Results can also be displayed in Pocke IE

    Overall it's pretty sweet. There's a lot available in an easy to use package.
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    Holy cow, it's about darn time! I've been using it my Blackberry for at least a week now. Well off to download it, I hope I don't hate it.
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