Sprite Backup Version 6 is available for FREE - conditions apply

Sprite Backup Version 6 is about to be released and we are looking for participants in our beta program. We appreciate that not everybody can hard reset their devices and check the integrity of the restore operations, but that is what we are REALLY looking for so anyone who sends us a log file for a full restore will get a free copy when it is launched (targeting 1 August).

What’s new in Version 6?

Support for backup to FTP servers for additional off-device data protection

Support for WM 6 storage card encryption – recover after a hard reset

Integrated support for creation of dedicated backup storage cards

Support for SIM locked devices

New user interface – supports all form factors

Sprite Explorer is now bundled with Sprite Backup

Full configuration control via PC Manager application.

Common installer across all WM5 and WM6 platforms

What’s improved in Version 6?

Data migration across ROM or device upgrades is now smarter

Improved support for PIN locked devices

Simplified password management for privacy protection

Improved rules for managing backup exclusions

PC Manager is now much more useful

Integration of ease-of-use with powerful flexibility

Please read the announcement and download the beta version at Sprite Beta forum:


Thanks for all your support.

The Sprite Team