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    In general, how does the 700wx bluetooth stack up? It seems to be about average as to other phones I've had. I just flamed the Motorola S9 headset for bad bluetooth connectivity.

    That got me to thinking, could it be my Treo? It seems to work OK with my Jawbone and Motorola H350.

    I didn't see a post specifically for the 700wx and strength. Sounds like the 750 has stronger BT.
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    Ive had good success with my moto h3 and bad luck with the h500.
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    install the "hannip BT" Stack Hack...
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    Quote Originally Posted by malibu23 View Post
    install the "hannip BT" Stack Hack...
    Only do this if you have a Sprint Treo. All Verizon Treos have this know. This Hack came from a VZW 1.20 ROM dump.
    Palm Treo 700w > VZW Treo 700wx

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