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    I tried looking for the solutions and couldnt find anything. I just received my H700 and pairing the headset w/ my 700WX (Sprint) was easy however when I receive a call and flipping the boom mic the phone did not answer. Is there a way to fix this?
    Also when the boom mic is closed and a call is received once I flip the boom open and used the treo to answer the call doesnt go to the H700, is this normal?

    THanks in advance for any replies.
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    Just to let you know that when you close the boom mic you are turning he headset off. The issue that you are having might be that the headset is not connecting to your phone right away.
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    Yeah I figured that if the mic is closed the headset is off. However one of the feature of the headset is to accept and turn on when the mic is flipped open. I read that on the 650 they would need to change it to a car kit instead of hands free to fix the issue however there is no option like that on the 700wx (Sprint).

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