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    I received a Spectec Mini SD WLAN SDW-822 card yesterday. I tried to install it over three hours last night and was unsuccessful. The drivers on the CD install on my Treo 750V but the Wifi application does not appear after putting the card in the slot. I understand the WLAN program it installs on the Treo does not work on “later” versions of OS (this from the Spectrec website). When the WLAN application shows in settings, clicking gives a "cannot open control channel" message.
    I then downloaded the drivers from the Spectrec site which, I must say, is one of the most confusing websites I have ever been to. A mixture of Chinese characters and poorly written instructions are not helpful when you are trying to troubleshoot a problem. I have followed the directions, as best I can, and ran what I think are the correct CAB files but nothing works. I even installed, after a hard reset as I was getting desparate, the WM5 CAB file directly from the folder on the CD.
    I have emailed Spectec support and await their reply but two emails I sent were bounced back as undeliverable.
    Anyone got one of these going and can point me in the direction of the correct CAB file and directions to follow that I can understand.
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    suggested reading...

    It may shed some light on this crappy is quick info from the thread...

    What doesn't work? Does the card start up and find the wireless network? Or does it not even do that?
    Or does it work and you can't get out to the internet?

    I used the driver from here:
    I don't know if it's any different than the one that was on the CD (I never even looked at the CD.)
    Use the:
    SDW-820/822 Driver CAB WM5.0 1.07.01 2007/01/12 SDW-820/822 driver for WM5.0
    Direct DL Link:

    Then insert the card, and press the reset button on the Treo.
    When it comes up, open up "wireless manager" and you should see a 3rd item on the screen (in addition to Phone and Bluetooth) for the wifi.
    Click the "Menu" soft key and select "wifi settings" if you need to.
    But when you put the card in, it sould start up and automatically find the access point and display an on-screen pop up message asking you if you want to connect
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    Thank you, time for some reading! Thought it was me. The crappy website support with links that don't work really inspires confidence. If they can't turn instructions into English we can understand, then why bother!!
    What difference does this hack from the website make? Is it needed? I think the only thing I did not do was to reset the machine after putting in the card as this was not mentioned on the instructions.
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    Just read a review from November 2006 and think I know where I went wrong. Bought the damn thing!!
    No, the reset seems to be the crucial bit, have a go at that later. And a crappy, incomplete manual......
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    Good luck with it. I scrapped the project in favor of setting up a bluetooth router at my house as my cell signal is very poor. If you have the ability to return the card for credit, don't misplace that paperwork, as I suspect you may want to exercise that option.
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    Have emailed the supplier already so that will be the likely option. Want to just see if that was the problem If not, then it goes back tomorrow!!
    Thanks for your help, much appreciated.
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    I struggled with mine for a couple of months until the Spectec card simply broke one day right in the middle of using it. It's dead.
    It worked so poorly I didn't even bother replacing it. I instead set up a PC with bluetooth and Activesync and connect via that to use like wifi while I'm at home. But it's not really a replacement.

    I miss wifi. I'm considering jumping over to the HTC Kaiser when it comes out until Palm ships a WM Treo on AT&T with Wifi. I'm not a fan of the slider keyboard design, but the feature set on the phone is impressive.

    Well that's neither here nor there, just wanted to share my comment on the Spectec card.
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    I have the Spectec card, and other than the reset business, it has worked ok. I'll admit that I have not given it a heavy workout. I used the driver from the web site which is newer than the CD.
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    Got it to go. But it works sometimes and other times it doesn't, even after pressing the reset button. It really seems hit and miss. When it is going, how do you stop it apart from taking the card out? The Wifi bit in Wireless Manager does nothing. I can highlight it but clicking on it does nothing.
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    Got it goin once or twice last night but on trying today, even with a reset, nothing. Far too flaky!!
    It's going back today, it was just an idea anyway. Thanks for your comments and advice.

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