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    Hello all,

    I have a question for anyone who might have a similar history of devices to mine. In the past 4 years or so I've moved from a Treo 600 to an Orange M2000 (PDA2k) and now on to an MDA Vario II.

    I'm now considering buying a Treo 750, and I'm wondering whether anyone can give me a good reason why I shouldn't do this.

    My reasons for considering the 750 are:

    1) Of the three units I've had I'd much preferred the layout of the Treo. The slide out keyboards of the other two are nice, but ultimately I miss the Treo keyboard always being there.

    2) The primary reasons for me moving to the M2000 were Bluetooth and WiFi. Bluetooth is no longer missing from the Treo, and I found that I didn't use the WiFi as much as I had thought I might (and even less now that I'm using a T-Mobile data tariff).

    3) I'm finding the MDA to be a bit flaky with ActiveSync, and I've also had numerous problems with the notification queue stopping alarms from working. Although I suspect that both of these issues may be more to do with WM5 than the device itself.

    4) I just LIKED the Treo more. (Although I don't think I want to go back to Palm OS after getting used to WM).

    The main things I think I'll miss about the MDA are the wheel, and the fact that it seems to have more programmable hardware buttons than the Treo.

    So any thoughts will be much appreciated.........

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    hey i jus sold my MDA for a treo 750 i think its a good decision. i dont like the slide out keyboard even tho its easier than typing on treo keyboard
    One handed operation works much easier on the treo 750 over the MDA.
    and smartdialing on MDA sucks (screen tapping dialpad for names), treo has the quick search function(type on today screen, contact name appears)
    which i cant live without (mda is without)

    but yeah definately switch to a treo imo (i got mine for 450 unlocked) i think its much easier to use. one complaint is screen size but what ever its bearable.
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    I've just ditched the Vario I for a Treo and I definitely made the right decision. Even leaving 3G connectivity (UK) out of it, the Treo is better built and the Palm implementation of Win Mobile 5 is so much better than T-Mobile's. And yes, I agree about the keyboard. The Vario's is good, but the 750's is better.
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    i love the 750 once some of the bugs are fixed its gonna be one of the greatest phones ever made.
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    I've had 3 slide out keyboard devices and I will never go back. I tried about 6 different on screen keyboard apps in hopes that I could reduce the number of times I'd have to slide the device open. The only "seemingly" plus was that the keyboard was bigger but this really didn't translate to better. The 750's keyboard is amazing. Its amazing that it could be so small and still be as easy to use as the 6700s, 8125s or MDAs keyboard. I did however like the 320x240 screen. It made Pocket Informants month view a lot more usable. If the Treo came with a 240x320 screen I jump on it. Just think they could make it thinner than the 750. I think there is already quite a bit of wasted space on the top of the 750. There is no reason they couldn't already make the screen a 1/2 inch longer without increasing the current length of the device. So going to 320x240 wouldn't be as long as you'd think. I use to be a clamshell fan but palm has done such an awesome job with this candybar, its candybars only from now on for me. So I say go for the 750, it is a much better form factor.
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    I came from the Samsung Blackjack.

    • I do not miss the 320x240 screen.
    • I do miss the wheel, though I'm getting over it.
    • I do love the layout over the Cingular 8125, which I used before the Blackjack.

    As others have already mentioned, the keyboard is definitely faster on slider keyboards, but the Treo is plenty fast and the one-handed operation makes it much, much easier to use on a day to day basis.

    With 3G, an excellent form factor and a reasonable keyboard, reception and battery life, the Treo is a solid choice.

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