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    okay.. so i have had a
    -samsung 1600 (smartphone 2002)
    -samsung I730 (ppc 2003)
    -moto q (smartphone wm5)
    and now a palm 700wx (wm5 ppc)

    on every single phone except the palm.. when i go over 160 characters in my text mesage it goes from 158/160 (158 characters out of a total of 160) to lets say 167/320 2 messages (meaning i have 167 characters, out of 320 for 2 messages) and if i go over 320 it goes up 460.. for 3 texts.

    the palm 700wx does not do this. when it gets to 160, i have to stop, send, and then send another text to continue what i was saying.

    i am not interested in a 3rd party text app.. as the 3 phones before this one, all with windows software.. did it just fine.

    wtf? what gets me is this, on the samsung i730, it came with ppc 2003, later there was an update on verizons website to upgrade it to wm5, and it still worked. the moto q, that has smartphone wm5, does it just fine. yet the palm 700wx running the same software wont. leads me to believe its the treo not the OS..

    so where is the registry key that fixes this?


    i have been searching the net and it just seems to me that this mystery of going beyond 160 characters and the message being split into a 2nd 3rd or 4th... etc message is unheard of, lol. do i have the only 3 phones on the market that did this? lol.......

    not trying to be a smart ***. just dont understand why this is such a hard concept to grasp. its been done. they have been doing it for a long time without 3rd party apps.. why did that functionality go away?
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    my 750 does this just fine...
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    Works fine for me on the 700wx, also. Perhaps just a glitch in your phone? Do you use the threaded application?
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    the patch to added threaded SMS adds the ability to break up long messages into multiple SMSs. unfortunately, the original messaging app on the 700wx stops at 160.

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