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    I submitted this in the bluetooth forum but I figured, more people come here directly.

    Please help. I was Bluetooth activesyncing a few days ago. Then I installed the treo700wx 1.22 update, hard reset my phone and did some other things on computer...long story short I can bluetooth A.S. anymore.

    I'm running a Dell laptop with their Broadcom 355 bluetooth module and their widcomm software, treo 700wx, AS4.5...

    The problem is whenever I try to add a new com port to my bluetooth setup on my pc it starts at 11 and keeps going up. I need it to be lower, 0-9.

    I've uninstalled, AS, widcomm, and reinstall numerous times. I found this;en-us;315539

    but it doesn't show anything.

    I've messed around with some of the registry entries found here,
    but deleting the keys they mention there, removes serial com port functionality completely.

    So I am at a loss.

    I figured this out once before, last year, but I can't today. Can some one please help me make widcomm reset the port numbering?
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    I had the same problem.

    Go to Start/Control Panel/System/Hardware/Device Manager

    Click View/Show Hidden Devices

    Then scroll down to Ports (Com&LPT)

    There might be a few obsolete Bluetooth Serial Ports shown. Right click and disable the unused ports. USE CAUTION HERE!

    Be VERY CAREFUL not to disable anything other than stale port assignments as the results can be devastating!

    Then follow the normal ActiveSync Bluetooth setup. you should be able to set a Bluetooth Serial Port to one of the ports you disabled.

    Setting a restore point is a good idea.....

    I don't know why it needs to be a single digit port number. After all, Microsoft wrote Activesync.
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    Thanks reverged. I've done that and there are no hidden com ports listed, I've uninstalled them all, both in device manager and deleted them from the bluetooth control panel properties. But whenever I try to add a new com port it just keeps getting higher and higher in number. If I keep adding and uninstalling new com ports, pretty soon I'll be up to com port #40!!!!!!!!

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