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    Just what the title says. My treo (sprint) wont see the headset. I've followed the instructions. The pairing blue light flashes on the headset. I search for new devices on my phone and it comes up with nothing. I have the a2dp stack but i dont that that has anything to do with it. it should see it regardless.

    Any suggestions?

    Do i need to install something else on my treo?
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    The phone should see the headset even if you don't have a2dp it just wouldn't have that profile. The blue light should be on solid to be in discovery pairing mode. Turn it completely off. Turn it back on holding the power button until the light goes solid blue and stays solid. Then try to discover it. Mine pairs fine with my 700wx. I think it is an awesome headset for wireless music. Good luck!!
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    Thank you so much. I only had it to where the blue light was flashing. Worked first time when i did it your way. My instructions just said to hold for 3 seconds. Thanks again
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    No problem. It's nice to occasionally help someone here rather than find solutions to my own issues

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