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    I just noticed that my treo says that i have 1 mb of memory left, which would explain the constant soft resets and the sluggish performance i've been getting lately.

    Knowing that i pretty much install everything on my sd card i decided to do some digging. Using the large files search in the memory section, i found that there are a bunch of cab files and old files that i have deleted but are still being listed in the device. I've looked in the programs folder, windows folder, temp folder but to no avail. what sucks is that i can't just simply delete the files from the search results. each time i click it, it wants to install the programs.

    Does anyone know where these files may be hiding or is there is a way to find out?


    update: found the files in my documents folder. why would it be there in the first place when i downloaded the files to my sd card?
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    glad you found them i would be going insaine...but i think it initially install them to the my documents folder...
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    One huge memory hog is IE Cache. Go in to internet explorer and empty the temporary cache folder in the options menu.
    Also consider looking in to one of these memory cleanup utilities:
    They can often find garbage hiding.
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    thanks, i use a free program called clear temp its an awesome app...i really dont know the link but a search on google will bring it up...

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