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    Hi All:

    I just got my Treo 700wx last Friday and I have a few questions I am hoping you all can help me with. I recently gave up my Blackberry 8703e to go to the Treo...right now, I am missing my old Blackberry...anyway, here we go:

    1. Where can I find the setting to change the amount of emails that I can keep on my Treo? Right now it only holds 3 days worth where my Blackberry was set to hold 3 months. I definitely need more than 3 days worth since I use this for business.

    2. When I am in my email list, how do I select multiple emails, say for deletion?

    thanks all!!!!

    Newbie Shawn
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    To delete multiple emails, drag the stylus to include all the emails you want to delete. Then pick up the stylus then press and hold the stylus and you will get a right click like menu to delete all the highlighted emails.

    How are you getting your work email, exchange server or POP account? For POP account, go into the account, select menu then tools, then options. Select your account then go through the setup, you will have an option to select how many days to go back. If it is exchange it is a different procedure depending on how you are getting your push connection.
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    Thanks Weth for the quick reply...also thanks for the hint on selecting multiple emails. Worked just fine.

    As far as keeping of more than 3 days worth issue...I'm pretty sure my email is pushed through an exchange server. Not quite sure how I can find out more detail on that other than through my IT guys. The only problem with that is that I am the first one in my company to have the Treo...everyone else has a blackberry. I'll see what other info I can dig up tomorrow. Thanks!


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