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    I apologize for this having nothing to do with the 700wx.. but I wanted to order the wx off the SERO site. The question I had was... when i order the phone off the SERO site do i get to pick my telephone number out or do they assign one to me? Can I change it later?

    Thank you for your cooperation!
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    I believe they just assign you one based on your address. You should be able to call in and change it later though.
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    I had a friend who didn't like the number he was assigned, so to just buck the system, he called to change the number, he was trying to get a specific string in the number, but apparently they told him it was random each time although he could switch the area code after it initially assigned based on billing address... so he asked how often he could call to get his number changed and they told him once a week! so he called once a week until he got a number he liked... this was a year or two ago...
    but don't push it because sprint just might "not be able to service your needs" after a while
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    I have 3 Sero Phones. I got one off the website. When it arrived I did not like the number assigned, called customer service and got it changed. YOU CAN NOT PORT you old number over to a new SERO phone.

    However, I was able to transfer 2 other Sprint phones over to SERO accounts - kept old numbers, shared bill, but MINUTES can not be shared across phones.

    Hope this helps.

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