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    For some reason I can't send or reply to email. I have my 750 set up the same as my 650. I keep getting..."The Following recipients are invalid" message from the system administrator. I get this no matter who I send or reply to. Can someone help with this issue?
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    I haven't been able to send mail for 2 days now. Any one else?
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    What email service?

    If you can send, but not receive, the outgoing mail server settings must be incorrect. AOL, for example, uses, NO SSL, and outgoing mail DOES require authorization.
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    Well for me its with fastmail and gmail. I use the stock email app and have tried profimail and flexmail. I havent changes settings. I figured it was just a temp ATT issue.
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    I had the same problem and called AT&T and they told me to change the following in the E-Mail settings.
    I use a pop3 account for, the setting below fixed all my sending issues!

    **Change your Outgoing
    AT&T Treo 750 (Unlocked) WM6


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