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    Hi i am a tmobile user on 750 i was wondering IF ATT releases a WM6 ROM and i install it will it lock up my phone? or will i still be able to use tmobile on my 750? thanks in advance
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    This is an important question - you might want to put the question in the thread title (rather than buried in your post).

    To generalize the question, there are three "lock" states I'm interested in:

    1 - Wireless Carrier Lock (e.g. Cingular/AT&T)
    2 - Country Lock (e.g. U.S.)
    3 - Application Lock (i.e. prevents apps from being installed)

    #1 required an IMEI-derived "unlock code". I believe #2 was accomplished via Registry Settings but I am not sure. #3 was definately possible in Windows Mobile 5. I've heard rumblings about others upgrading to WM6 and not being able to "App Unlock" their phones (Dash WM5->WM6 upgrade was where I heard this concern most).

    I guess we can't really know until the (AT&T) patch to WM6 becomes available. Of course there may be another option - getting the WM6 update "unbranded" directly from Palm.

    All will be revealed in time, I'm told... must be patient I guess :-)
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    This is not an issue. ROM upgrade won't change the carrier lock status.
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    Treo 750 hacks thread.
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    ^^^ thanks for the heads up but when it comes out i will not run to upgrade i need to see if it definately doesnt effect the carrier lock.

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