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    I made the mistake of installing a few GPS golf programs and think one of them conflicted with TomTom because TomTom stopped recognizing my bluetooth receiver. I hard reset, reinstalled, deleted anything that could be a problem on my SD card, but it still won't pick up the GPS feed from my TomTom bluetooth unit even though the GPS is blinking and getting a signal.

    Any ideas what the problem could be? I guess it is possible that the until died on me, but I wish I had another bluetooth receiver to confirm.
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    Since you hard reset, did you re-pair the devices?
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    Ditch the Tom-Tom and buy a Garmin Mobile 10.
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    I use the cheapest one on the market, never fails 2 years now. Its not always the $. Did you assign the ports again, then in TomTom make sure you pick the right one thats assigned to your BT. Not just re-pairing.
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    I did re-pair it and TomTom actually pairs it automatically when you select the device since it is the TomTom receiver and select serial port. I tried deleting it and repairing it without using TomTom's automatic method. However, it has a ? mark next to it and there aren't any com ports associated with it.

    I wish there was a store that sold decent units because I'd hate to buy a new unit only to find out it is something with the software.
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    Also, under the configure GPS option in TomTom it shows that it is connected (spinning yellow and black wheel), but that there isn't a valid GPS signal, even though the bluetooth unit is blinking, indicating a signal.
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    Guess I'm glad I didn't buy the TomTom one, seems like the generic ones easier to setup.
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    well it definitely was the receiver that died on me. I bought a new Oncourse edition 3 from buygpsnow and it works great. I actually paired it in my basement and it still got a signal. Only 49.95, which seems like a great deal.

    I have a feeling one of the many programs fried the tomtom receiver, but it would have been nice to get a reply from tomtom's customer service on their website. Either way, it's a $50 upgrade for a much better receiver with much better battery life.

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