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    Hello everyone and thanks for reading this and maybe helping!

    Our old laptop is old, it's running Win ME and we just got our Treo 700WX a few weeks ago. Activsync 4.5 just snickers at Win ME and won't load. I can find version 3.x but WinMobile5 doesn't talk to Active Sync 3.x soooo I looked around and found Active Sync 4.2 but Win ME won't talk to that one.

    I read on another board that ver 4.0 would work with both Win Mobile 5 and Win ME BUT I can't find it anywhere!

    Any suggestions? Is there a third party option or does anyone have a link or...anything?

    Thanks in advance to anyone that can help me with ideas!
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    Why the Hell are you still using ME? Easily the Worst OS ever...

    btw, I don't think any version of 4.xx is ME compatible. But it's been so long I can't remember
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    I'm not debating that, we skipped the ME and 2000 releases entirely but the laptop was free and I'd rather not haul my brand new one out where it can get damaged if it can be avoided. What about a third party option to sync it? or anything else clever?

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