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    Ok... so here goes:

    I am at a loss because I have set up my Gmail account to run on my 750.
    The good thing is that e-mails are arriving onto the unit.

    The bad thing is that any e-mails I send from the unit do not make it to the destination.

    I've tried sending e-mails to myself and others with no luck. The messages are not going into the spam bin either.

    What could possibly be the problem?

    SSL is enabled on the Treo
    POP is enabled on the GMail settings

    This is extremely fustrating. Maybe there's someone out there who has this problem as well.

    Thanks everyone.

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    Try using port: 587 for smtp. I think the way you set it is just :587 after the smtp server name (ie ).


    Good Luck
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    place "recent:" in front of username during setup. I just did this and every email is sent and received just fine.
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    Tried both fixes... still no go.
    Even tried them together (switching to 587 and recent: in front of user)
    What could possibly be going on?
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    Try :995 at the end of your incoming and :465 on the out going.
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    Try losing SSL.

    I dont use it with and I have no issues.

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