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    I have searched through posts here to see if there is anything about the problem I am having - not sure if it is a specific problem or just that my 700w is getting old (had it since January 2006). I have noticed that the vibrate alert for thngs like incoming messages is gettng longer and longer - now - if the phone is on the cradle when a call comes in - I take the phone off the cradle - the alert that the phone is no loinger charging starts and I can't answer the phone - pressing the green phone hard button or the soft answer button. half the time the call goes away - other times I finally can get through after about 20 seconds.

    It does not seem to be a problem if the phone is off the cradle when the call comes in. Anyone have any ideas ? - does this mean it is time to trade in for a wx (I may be looking for an excuse!!!)

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    I am having a similar issue. The vibrate function on the phone is running longer than it used to and its like the system doesn't respond until the vibrate has finished.
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    I found that waiting to push the answer button softkey (not green) until after the phone is removed from the cradle helps.
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    How lame is it that we have to deal with things like this - we all come up with work-arounds because we like what the phone can do - why can't they come up with a product that just works the way it is supposed to!
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    Try downloading Memmaid(?) or

    I had a similar problem and I found tons of old notifications stuck on my phone.
    At one point, my phone started vibrating and never stopped until I pulled the battery!

    After clearing them, it was fine.
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    I'm having a slightly different issue in that the vibrate ring doesn't seem to be much if any longer. But I still can't answer the call. I press the soft button, the green button and nothing. It just keeps ringing. Happens at least once a day. It also seems to be happening after the 1.22 update. I don't remember having this issue before. Took a quick look at Palm's FAQ for the update but it doesn't have anything about this.

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